Cut and strip

Cutting and stripping machines – precision and high performance

Today’s insulation materials make the toughest possible demands on the cutting and stripping of strands and wires. Performance, precision and user-friendliness are the crucial factors for success.

Komax wire stripping machines incorporate the most modern technology, allowing them to be converted from one application to another quickly and easily. You can draw from a full range of integratable add-on modules to let your system grow right along with your requirements for optimum flexibility and reliable process control!

From simple cable cutters for cutting the widest variety of materials to high-performance automatic wire stripping machines for large wire cross-sections, Komax offers you a full range to choose from, complete with all the appropriate accessories. Preliminary and postprocessing of the wire is also a top priority. Wire stripping, whether round or flat cables, single or multi core, the cable cutters and wire stripping machines offer a wide range of processing.

Iota 330

As an all-round solution in the cutting machine segment, the lota 330 has universal scope for application The unit is designed to cut a wide variety of coiled materials to an exact length (up to 1,000 m), such as heat-shrink tubing, pneumatic hoses, cables, plastic bands and much more For various diameters of up to max. 25 mm For wire cross sections up to 35 mm²

Kappa 310

The Kappa 310 is an ultra-compact high-speed machine for reliable controlled processing of the smallest cross-sections from 0.02 mm² to 6 mm² Powerful drive axles for extremely high cable transport speeds Processing set for short wire lengths starting from 18 mm Wire feed parts can be changed without tools

Kappa 315

The Kappa 315 is fitted with a powerful and robust blade head and has a processing range that comprises cross-sections of 0.05 mm² to 10 mm² Different blade shapes for the highest stripping quality Minimal setup time thanks to a unique conductor detector Processing set for short wire lengths starting from 30 mm

Kappa 320

The Kappa 320 stands out with its broad spectrum of possibilities for processing wire cross-sections of 0.05 mm² up to 10 mm² Wire feed parts can be changed without tools Changeover times reduced through unique sensors Processing set for short wire lengths starting from 30 mm

Kappa 330

Cutting to length and stripping from 0.22 – 35 mm² (AWG 24 – 2) cables Processing of cable cross-sections up to 35 mm², multipole conductors up to Ø 16 mm (0.63 in.) The dual-head version of the Kappa 330 has a double-blade stripping unit

Kappa 340

Versatile and powerful for complex wires with cross section of 0.22 – 70 mm² Multi-pole conductors up to 16 mm outer diameter or ribbon cables up to 16 mm wide Optional powerful rotary cutting unit

Kappa 350

Cut and strip from 2.5 – 120 mm² (AWG 14 – AWG 5/0) Minimal wire loss as a result of sensor monitoring Networking with company network TopWin connection

Artos CS-370

Easy processing of cables with outer diameter up to 35 mm and cross section up to 300 mm² Even short wires (minimum 50 mm in length) can be processed without any reduction in quality