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MIKOM WIRE d.o.o. sells and supports nearly 2.000 different machines for wire and cable processing and marking. Our main focus is on the solutions for wire and cable processing in the automotive and industrial market segments.

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Market segments and services

We are focused on four market segments. The core business is the automotive market segment. We are continuously strengthening its presence in the other three segments – aerospace, data/telecom, and industrial – and exploiting the synergy potential with the core business.

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    The automotive segment is by far the most important market segment for Komax. There are a number of reasons for this. In no other industry is the volume of wires to be processed so large. With an annual production output of 80 to 90 million vehicles, each containing on average some 1500 wires with 2500 crimp contacts, the demand for automation solutions is enormous. This is because the number of wires per vehicle is continually rising owing to an increase in electrical functions. Although the automotive industry has no peer when it comes to the degree of standardization and automation in the production process, there is still plenty of potential for additional automation steps, as wire harnesses are still manufactured by hand to a large extent.

  • Issues such as safety, lightweight construction, and lower emissions have been at the forefront of developments in aerospace for many years. Komax can draw on the experience gained in these areas when it comes to its core business too, as these themes continue to gain in importance in the automotive industry. Komax secured expertise in the aerospace area in a targeted way through its acquisition of Laselec in 2017. There is very little automation of wire processing in the aerospace industry. However, as the barriers to entry in this market are very high for suppliers, it has taken several years for Komax to record its first major success. The breakthrough was made in late 2017. Following years of negotiations, Komax succeeded in winning new orders from two leading aerospace companies for several largescale systems, which are currently being built and since 2019 delivered in phases.

  • The transfer of large volumes of data and the permanent networking of people have become standard practice in the data/telecom market segment. The wiring used for these applications is being increasingly used in vehicles too, as cars become ever more interconnected, with comprehensive information systems that will facilitate autonomous driving in the future. Komax can therefore also use the experience gained from the data/telecom market segment in the automotive segment.

  • The processing of wires for industrial applications such as control cabinets often involves working with very small batches. To ensure that automation is nevertheless a cost-efficient option for control cabinet manufacturers, Komax has developed specific machines of the Zeta type. These machines manufacture all the various wires that are needed automatically, ensuring that they are in the right sequence and of the right length. This has the effect of reducing manual labor to a minimum. Manual processes such as cutting, stripping, marking, and sleeve insertion are rendered obsolete. Automation of this kind has proven its worth in the area of wire processing in the automotive industry for many years, and is now increasingly finding its way into industrial applications.

  • In all market segments, customers benefit from Komax’s global distribution and service network. Among other things, the service offering includes the Komax Academy, which provides a modular training program, including final certification. The training modules are aligned with the various customer needs, e.g. those of service and maintenance personnel, shift managers, and quality control staff.

  • More than simply automation, Universal Robots changes how people work and live around the globe by empowering their ideas and dreams.Advanced tools, our easy-to-use robot arms are used by companies and organizations of all sizes to help and address market volatility. UR’s cobot solutions deliver the flexibility and financial return that manufacturers need to compete and win in any market condition.


The best equipment deserves the best service

With Komax Services, we support you from A to Z in the implementation of your goals:

We help you select exactly the right products for the job
We ensure that the production equipment is correctly installed, set up, operated and maintained for continuous availability
We increase the productivity of your machines and test systems, keep them technologically up to date and extend their service life
We train your employees to get top performance out of your equipment


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To help you find the right services as quickly as possible, we’ve grouped our services into five categories.

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Certified Trainings

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With quality and efficiency requirements becoming ever tougher and component miniaturization ever more common, the industry is being pushed into automating an increasing number of processes. Komax offers a comprehensive range of wire machines to meet the demands of modern wire processing. These wire processing machines can be combined with the broad range of accessories to create total solutions from a single source. All wire machines are highly flexible and quick to change over. Thanks to the standard networkable user software, you can also make full use of existing expertise.

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Fully automatic quality monitoring: Parameterization is a must


Omega 745/755

Fully automated wire harness production


Delta 2x0

Benchtop crimpers. Quality is a top priority for the Deltas.


Kappa 340

Versatile and powerful for complex wires with cross section of 0.22 – 70 mm²


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