Process Modules

Process modules – for economical production

To achieve efficient, economical production, you need high performance machinery that matches your requirements. Komax has developed just that for you, with its range of fully automatic crimping machines. The different standardized modules allow you to upgrade and expand your basic machines to meet your needs and your customers’ requirements. Thanks to the integrated monitoring systems, you can always comply with the requisite quality standards.


Cable cross sections from 0.125 mm² to 6 mm² (AWG26 – AWG10) Maximum crimp force of 22 kN Cycle time (optimized) about 220 ms depending on setting Unrivaled level of positioning accuracy and precision


Operation directly at the module In conjunction with HMI Automatic crimp height adjustment Crimp force 22kN


Wire cross sections from 0.125 mm² to 6 mm² (AWG 26 – 10) Maximum crimp force of 22 kN Cycle time (optimized) about 220 m/s depending on setting Unrivaled level of positioning accuracy and precision


Conductor cross sections of 2.5 – 16 mm² (AWG 14 – 6) Crimp force max. 50 kN Proven technology from the modules C1340/1370 Optional terminal strip chopper cuts terminal strips up to 1.2 mm thickness

mci 712/722

Integrated quality process with the basic machine Integrated crimp force analysis with force/travel recording Conversion times with mci 722 reduced by 15% Integrated interfaces for accessories


Economical processing of taped or bulk ferrules on most automatic Komax wire processing machines Large processing range 0.5 – 2.5 mm² Short changeover times for wires of different size

MIL Crimp CM03

Processing of different MIL crimps Crimp height adjustment in pitches of 0.01mm Process control with Komax cfa 326 Usable on all Komax automatic crimping machines


Very short changeover times thanks to intuitive operation and thoughtful tools Stability through compressed air monitoring Integrable monitoring of seal position and strip quality (Q1240) Compatible with existing seal tracks

mci 765 C

SPM seal position monitoring Automatic setup of the seal position Allows use of existing applications Compatible with a very broad range of seals and mini-seals

M1650 Tube

Tube Marking Module offers high abrasion resistance thanks to thermal transfer printing High contrast is ensured for good legibility regardless of the conductor color Labeling with Tube Marking Module allows the marking to be rotated and moved on the wire

mci 792 - Sleeve module

Processing of 70 different types of sleeves on a single module Entire system turnkey with machine from one hand Usable on various Komax fully automatic wire processing machines


High level of process safety Consistent quality with lead-free tin Time-saving and user-friendly thanks to easy assembly and disassembly of components Various specialized tinning nozzles for a broad spectrum of applications


High process quality in a wide range of applications High productivity Saves on changeover time, user friendly and versatile Long service life, low maintenance and robust

ioc 785

Lead-free tinning High tinning quality Continuous, controllable flow of tin Ultra simple removal of the pump channel Ultra simple cleaning and filling of the flux tank

mci 782

Tinning is done precisely according to the diameter Process controlled twisting of even the shortest twisting lengths Active knock out of insulation scraps Short changeover times Simple as can be to operate using TopWin