Quality Tools

Integrated quality solutions to meet the highest standards

Autonomous functions and the associated quality increase lead to higher requirements for products and their manufacturing processes. In order to meet these demands, human error influence has to be progressively reduced and replaced by machine-based control procedures. Supporting the zero-fault strategy and process optimization. Therefore, the main focus is on the 100% monitoring and error detection during running production. To complete the quality coverage there are several tools for individual product sampling (verification) available. Komax offers a comprehensive range of quality solutions for every need.

ACD Automatic Conductor Detector

Increase stripping quality Detect strip quality issues early in the process Fulfill increasing demands of the automotive industry for processing of copper and aluminum wires Determine blade incision depth and wayback fully automatically

Q1250 scalable

Fully automatically checks each individual crimp for the specified quality characteristics The module inspects 100% of the batch size and never tires The data is continuously recorded in the Komax HMI The operator’s influence is reduced as far as possible

Q1240 Strip monitoring

Fully automatic strip quality monitoring Visual capture during ongoing production Expanded inspection area to monitor large terminals and seals Integrated “Cut up bad part” function

MicroForce 70

Detects missing strands and insulation in the crimp Solidly built for a long service life Intuitive controls, uncomplicated software Short training time for new operators

MicroForce 80

A detailed analysis allows the crimping process to be optimized Documentation of each individual crimping force curve Article retention reduces changeover times Touchscreen for user-friendly operation


Intuitive touch screen for simple operation Maximum operation safety through user profile management and function access control Ethernet data logging as a standard feature Automatic job report generation

MicroLab 10

Compact and complete mobile micrograph laboratory in a carry-case Short processing time and rapid creation of images Cutting up to contact diameter D=2.5 mm Visualization and evaluation

MicroLab 30

Creates micrograph up to contact diameter D= 10 mm (Optional: Supplementary lens 0.5× to depict measured objects > 8 mm) Fully automatic and independent of user Includes preparation, evaluation and documentation modules for complete on-site analysis Very short processing time (Approx. 30 seconds)

MicroLab 35

Creates micrograph up to Ø 3 mm Short throughput time of about 90 seconds for cutting and polishing Automatically adjusted feed for the cutting and polishing process Cycle time can be reduced when multiple samples are processed at the same time

MicroLab 55

Wet cutting and wet polishing processes for increasing the service life and for binding abraded material and dirt Sample can be aligned perpendicular to the cutting axis Processes cable up to terminal diameter Ø 30 mm (Optional: Supplementary lens to depict measured objects > 8mm) Short processing time of 3 – 5 minutes


Easy operation, ergonomic handling for left-handed/right-handed operators Wide application range: small to heavy gauge Reproducible measurements thanks to the high degree of accuracy Reliable operation due to sensor-controlled clamping protection function

MicroPull 10

Single measurement according to specifications Measurement series according to specifications Easy report generation No seperate calibration needed, verification with verification unit Q1210

Komax 341

Production to a high quality standard Direct transmission of the measured values to the basic machine Recording of all measured values Integrated LED illumination

Q1140 - spark tester

Increase in quality with no decrease in productivity Defective insulation automatically removed Even tiniest insulation errors reliably detected Completely integrated in the Komax fully automatic wire processing machines

Komax 345

Clear visualization of even the tiniest cable samples Image data saved with date and time stamp Integration in TopWin or own operations

Komax 345

Clear visualization of even the tiniest cable samples Image data saved with date and time stamp Integration in TopWin or own operations

Crimp Module Analyzer

Usable on all Komax crimp modules (mci 7x1, mci 7x2, bt 7x2, C13x0) Measured results of stroke stability STSA in µm Functional test of the CFA system Simulator is checked to ensure it is operating correctly (internal plausibility test)


Quick CFA/CFA+ analysis because results are displayed in diagram form Improved understanding of crimp force analysis Reduced rejects in production Small investment for big benefits


Compact, easy to operate Quick check on crimping machine performance without PC Storage of up to 8 x press analysis data without PC software


Short calibration time Fast image acquisition due to digital zoom All-in-one device with integrated lighting Wide range of applications