Software and networking

Networked thinking

Maximum user convenience, flexible interfaces, clearly arranged management and the integration of already existing data into a new overall system – Software solutions for fully automatic crimping machines have to meet much tougher requirements than ever before. Komax has taken up the challenge and implemented these ideas with great consistency. Ultimately, the key to success is the ability to work flexibly and efficiently.

Komax HMI

The Komax Green Button guides the user clearly and accurately through the wire processing procedure The use-case-driven design eliminates input errors Input windows for third-party systems can be integrated into the workflow Clearly structured user interface for fast orientatio


Very easy, ultra modern operation Maximum level of data protection and security Changeable access rights to assure productivity and quality Error messages with information for trouble-shooting

Komax Cloud MES

No investment to tie up your capital. For a monthly license fee, you get full access to a professional and powerful MES. Upgrades and support are included in the fee No additional costs for IT services, data backup or servers. The system is hosted in a secure cloud (Microsoft Azure technology) Komax Cloud MES shows all production data in real time and therefore provides a high degree of transparency

Komax MES

100% punctual delivery High capacity utilization Fewer unplanned plant downtimes Consistent machine data management Short lead times in production 100% control over all resources, machines, operating resources and employees Global traceability


Reasonably priced solution – easy to integrate Highly flexible: The customer can create the converter himself Broad range of uses: The user can create a separate converter for each cut list Conversion either automatic or at the press of a button For CS or CC machines


Machine setup time is reduced The need for job papers is eliminated Incorrect entries at the machine are eliminated The production states are logged Quality is assured thanks to the traceability of the jobs produced Production operations are fully monitored


Smart analysis of micrographs B crimp IDC Longitudinal section Aluminum Copper

DLW Digital Lean Wiring

Facilitates the automation of switch cabinet construction Saves a significant amount of time compared to manual production, even from a batch size of one Wire length is calculated using virtual wiring Virtual wiring using a photo (JPEG) of the control cabinet or a drawing (DXF or PDF)


Makes the most of productivity and quality, thanks to seamless integration Implements all customer-specific production workflows Prevents manual data entry errors Guarantees traceability of the production process


Production is not released until the measured values are within the required tolerances The QCenter prevents errors caused by manual data entries As many as to 20 crimpers are identified Integration of the K341 and Q1210 measurement devices and of a bar code scanner for crimper identification