Twisting in a new dimension.

Many years of experience with semi- and fully-automatic wire twisting machines and in depth know how thanks to customized twisting solutions.

bt 188 T

High production speed with one operator Process parameters calculated in relation to final product Networking possibilities with MIKO Able to automatically bind both ends with cloth or PVC tape as option Able to twist three or four wires without any pitch errors as option

bt 288

Two twisting lines in a single machine High production speed with one operator Networking possibilities with MIKO Stringent quality assessments before production approval Reliable results at all times Outstanding processing quality

Sigma 688

The new generation of twisting machines: reliable and proven The proven technology of the Alpha 488 S has been developed further in the Sigma 688 EtherCAT real-time technology ensures optimal processes Configuration of up to six process modules offers maximum flexibility

Sigma 688 ST

Precise twisting of single wires with subsequent spot taping of the wire ends Simultaneous, double-sided spot taping of wire ends Less floor space and resources needed due to the omission of manual spot taping Higher productivity overall