Wire Handling

Wire handling – fast and gentle

At Komax, the gentle, quick and high-quality preliminary processing of wires is a top priority. From dereelers of various capacities to deposit systems, coilers and binders: Komax’ large selection of integrable systems enables you to complement your wire processing machines as needed.

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Gentle yet powerful wire feed Quick and easy wire changes Excellent transmission of forces and optimum acceleration thanks to wire drive Flexible in use Ideal operating modes for the Komax Kappa line and non-Komax equipment

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High processing speed thanks to an optimum storage design Continuous control of dereeling speed Broad range of feedable round and ribbon cables Gentle wire feed Optimum supplement to automatic Komax cutting and stripping machines

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Gentle active wire feed Short conversion times Integrated monitoring of de-reeling

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Gentle active de-reeling Short conversion times Large storage capacity


Maximum throughput due to active synchronization of machine and process Automatic adjustment of the software parameters (self-learning system) Stops extremely quickly when knots are detected in wires Speed of up to 6 m/s can be adjusted directly on the prefeeder


Cable feeder for reels up to 300kg with minimized pull force Short changeover times thanks to simple setup system and hand held remote control High feeding speed of 3.5m/s Available for two cable diameter 18mm / 35mm

Komax 104

Ideal for round and flat ribbon cable Easy to adjust Operates independently

Komax 106

Suitable for high processing speeds Easy operation Safe wire delivery

dps 261

Simple binding of wire coils Highly versatile Easy to operate High safety standards

dps 272

High-performance coiler thanks to dual drum design Gentle coiling of wire Easy to operate thanks to OMI Large processing range

dps 375

Reasonably-priced deposit unit Mobile for convenient use in production Programmable batch size sorting Cable lengths up to approx. 4 m

KA 3000 6000

Secure depositing of long cables, thanks to active conveyor belt Fully integrated into the Kappa base machine Programmable batch size sorting Increase in production thanks to batch size sorting with 2-channel system

KRI 450/850

Increasing the degree of automation all the way to a fully automated line. Wires are handled with great care. Can be perfectly integrated into upstream and downstream processes. Perfectly formed and bound wire coils, i.e. consistently high quality, and value of the end product.