Wire stripper

Electrical wire stripping, Rotary wire stripper, Coaxial Wire Stripper and Rotary Jacket Stripper. With the Stripper Products of Komax, it is possible to process coaxial cables as well as the widest variety of strand involving difficult-to-process insulation materials.

Mira 32

Suitable for single-conductor wires and inner wires of multi-core cables with outer diameter up to 4 mm, respectively 3.3 mm² / AWG 12. Strip length up to 25 mm. Short breakout length of 14 mm, 11 mm on request

Mira 230/230 Q

Wire processing today involves a large mix of products as requirements become ever more complex. The Mira 230 and Mira 230 Q are the answer to this situation. Large processing range up to 8 mm² / AWG 8 Incision/quality monitoring with ACD technology

Mira 340/340 Q

The rotary head with 4X blades offers unique functions designed to reduce production time and increase quality. Processes wires up to 16 mm² conductor cross section (AWG 5) and up to 72 mm strip length Incision/quality monitoring and automatic adjustment, patented ACD technology for rotary incision

Mira 440 Series

Coaxial, triaxial and other multi-layer cables with an outer diameter of up to 9 mm Single-conductor wires measuring 0.02 – 13 mm² / AWG 36 – 6 Strip length up to 40 mm Process up to 9 wire layers

Cosmic 42R

The Cosmic 42R is the precision machine for multi-layered stripping of micro-coaxial cables. This stripping machine processes the finest conductors with speed and precision. Stripping in up to 9 steps Extremely low maintenance Process up to 9 wire layers